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2m x 6m White Vinyl Background

Bessel 2m x 6m White Vinyl Backdrop
(Approximately 6' 6" by 19' 6").
Our 2m wide vinyl backgrounds are ideal for home or studio use.
They are the perfect seamless background for giving your photographs that professional look.
Bessel vinyl is supplied attached to an central aluminium tube to keep it crease free and ready to use with a background support kit or wall/ceiling mount kit
Our white vinyl rolls have a non reflective matte finish so you get the best results for product photography, fashion or portrait shoots, eCommerce and more.
The vinyl rolls are packaged in a strong cardboard tube for shipping so they arrive in perfect condition.
Please note, if you're using our freestanding background kit you should use the clamps supplied with the stand to stop vinyl from unrolling when in use.
Clamps are not required if you are using the wall / ceiling mount kit.

Product and package details:
Bessel 2m x 6m White Vinyl Backdrop
Total weight excluding packaging : 6.6kg (7.6g with packaging)
Aluminium central core : 47.6mm internal diameter - 50.8mm external diameter

114.99 (Inc. VAT at 20%)

Price includes 2-3 day standard shipping

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