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Background Support Kit

Bessel background support kit

Our freestanding background support kit is ideal for home studios or mobile photography.
2 strong stands support the crossbar which is held in place with threaded fittings on each stand.
You can adjust the height of the support kit from 105cm to 240cm
The crossbar is comprised of 4 sections that lock together, using fewer parts gives different widths
2 sections - 145cm width
3 sections - 225cm width
4sections - 305cm width
Suitable for supporting cloth, paper, and vinyl backrounds*
*Due to the extra weight of vinyl, we do not recommend using this support kit with our 2.7m vinyl rolls.
For 2.7m vinyl rolls please see our metal chain wall/ceiling mount kit

Space requirement note:
Working area must be at least 75cm wider than crossbar length to allow for the legs of the stands.
Maximum diameter of open stand base is 100cm

Product and package details:
2 Side support stands
4 part crossbar
2 metal clamps
1 canvas carry/stotage bag

79.99 (Inc. VAT at 20%)

Price includes 2-3 day standard shipping

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