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Softbox 60cm x 60cm for Flashgun

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  • Softbox 60cm x 60cm for Flashgun

    Fit your flashgun directly to the bracket to make this softbox quick and easy to use.
    With 2 layers of diffusor you can acheive some great results with your flash off camers.
    If you need a triggering system to use you flash off camera please check out the trigger section on our site.
    This softbox folds away into its own canvas carry bag to make storage easier and give great portablility.

    1 x 60cm x 60cm Popup softbox for speedlight flas
    1 x Carry Bag
    1 x Inner Diffuser
    1 x Outer Diffuser
    1 x Ball joing flashgun bracket

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    34.99 (Inc. VAT at 20%)

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