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SJD200 Portable High Speed Flashgun Crossover (200W/s)

A new development in lighting, combining the convenience of a flashgun with the lighting power of a studio lamp.
The flash tube on the new SJD200 gives a better spread of light when used with standard accessories such as softboxes* and beauty dishes*.
(*an adaptor is required to fit these accessories)

SJD200 Portable High Speed Flashgun (200W/s)
Easy to change high capacity Lithium Ion battery - upto 350 shots between charges
LCD Digital control panel on the rear of the lamp makes control easy and accurate
Can be used with Nikon or Canon camera.
5600k colour temperature
Fine power control from 1/128 to 1/1
IGBT technology achieves incredible recycle times from 0.05s to 3.5s
Strobe function allows up to 20 flashes with selectable frequency of 1 to 99Hz (power setting determines maximum number of flashes and frequency)
Compatible with our WT4i high speed trigger system
Guide Number 40 at ISO100
User replaceable flash tubes
Weight is less than 1kg

1 x SJD200 Lamp
1 x SJD200 High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery
1 x SJD200 flash tube
1 x Reflector with diffuser
Set of 4 coloured Gels
1 x UK Power Cable & Charger

Was 179.99
99.99 (Inc. VAT at 20%)

Price includes 2-3 day standard shipping

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