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Reflector Arm with Double Ball Joint

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  • This reflector arm with double ball joint allows you to position a twist fold reflector in almost any orientation.

    The double ball joint means you can rotate the arm by almost 360 degrees in any direction, giving you the ability to position a reflector exactly where you need it for that perfect shot.

    To adjust the position of the reflector, loosen the handle, change the position and retighten the handle. It's that simple.

    Full metal arm and ball joints with plastic clips to clamp to the edge of your reflector.

    Fits directly to your stand and allows support for reflectors from 25cm to 150cm.

    To use this reflector arm you will need a stand and 1 or 2 weight bag so counter balance the reflector.
    This listing is just for the reflector arm - the stand, twistfold reflector and weight bags are available seperately in our store.

    1 x Reflector Arm with Double Ball Joint

    39.99 (Inc. VAT at 20%)

    Price includes standard shipping

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