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90cm x 22cm 4cm grid Softbox EL-Fit

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  • 90cm x 22cm Softbox with double diffuser and honeycomb grid with 4cm square openings.
    EL-Fit / Elinchrom® compatible Fit speedring.
    Diffusers and honeycomb grid are attached by velcro and can be removed quickly.
    Honeycomb grid reduces light spill by around 45
    Softbox can be rotated to any position with the adjustment of a small thumbscrew on the speedring.
    Side flaps on the main body allow access to the lamp bulb when the softboxes is in use.
    Ideal for portrait shoots where you need control of light in a narrow band.

    1 x EL-Fit Speedring
    4 x Support rods
    1 x Outer body
    1 x Inner diffuser panel
    1 x Outer diffuser panel
    1 x Honeycomb grid with 4cm square openings.
    1 x Carrying/Storage bag

    54.99 (Inc. VAT at 20%)

    Price includes 2-3 day standard shipping

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