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90cm Parabolic 16 sided Softbox with 4cm grid - EL-Fit

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  • Our deep 90cm Parabolic 16 sided softbox with 4cm grid is perfect when you need higher contrast shots and precise light control.

    With the quick and easy popup design you can be setup in minutes. Comes complete with a stong canvas carry bag making storage and portability easy.

    The easy to attached diffusers allow you to balance the light output and eliminate hot spots, while the grid gives a fine control over and light spill.

    Overall depth of this softbox is 73cm.

    EL-Fit suitable for Elinchrom fit lamps (excluding Quadra).

    1 x EL-Fit Speedring (attached to the support frame)
    1 x 16K Support frame (attached to the body)
    1 x Outer body
    1 x Inner diffuser panel
    1 x Outer diffuser panel
    1 x Honeycomb grid with 4cm square openings
    1 x Strong canva carrying bag

    104.99 (Inc. VAT at 20%)

    Price includes standard shipping

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