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425W - 60cm Octabox Kit (1 x 85W low energy)

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  • One head kit with 1 x 85W low energy bulb, stand, easy open 60cm Octabox and strong canvas carry case.

    This is an ideal entry level kit with the easy open 60cm Octabox with front diffuser, can be used to start to learn about portrait lighting, or product shots.

    1 x lamp holder with 1 x 85W daylight balances bulb (5400K colour temperature).
    (The low energy bulb give an equivalent of 425W light output compared to incandecant bulbs.)

    1 x 60cm easy open Octabox with integral bulb holder
    1 x 85W daylight bulbs
    60cm outer diffuser
    1 x Lamp Stands
    1 x strong canvas carry bag
    UK spec 240v with moulded 3 pin plug

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    39.99 (Inc. VAT at 20%)

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