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1.45m x 3m Grey Single Sided Vinyl Background

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  • 1.45m wide x 3m long Grey Vinyl Background on an cardboard core. (Approximately 4' 9" by 9'6').
    The reverse side of this vinyl is white but has imperfections so is not considerd usable for photography..
    Weight is 600 grams per square meter.
    Vinyl is supplied on a cardboard core to keep it crease free and ready to use. 50.8mm / 2 inches diameter tube can be used with wall/ceiling mount kits
    Gives a perfect backdrop to your photos for that professional studio look.
    Colour impregnated vinyl for long fade free life
    Ideal for home studio, supplied in a cardboard outer to protect the product in transit.
    Clamps should always be used with any rolled product to prevent movement of the material and stop it becoming detached from the core.

    1 x 1.45m x 3m 600gm Grey vinyl
    1 x Cardboard core
    1 x Protective cardboard shipping tube

    36.99 (Inc. VAT at 20%)

    Price includes standard shipping

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