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Ultra Thin LED Video Lamp with Barn Doors

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  • SH-48 LED Video Lamp with Barn Doors

    This lamps has 240 x 0.2W dimmable LEDs giving an incredible amount of light output.
    (equivalent to around 400W halogen bulb)

    This lamps is mains powered but can also be run from Sony NP F550 or NP F750 available as an option.

    Supplied with 2 diffusers for daylight (5600k) or warm light (3200k) output.
    Colour temperature is 5600k, CRI > 93%
    Robust metal body and metal barn doors.
    Steel ball joint stand connector that can adjusted to a wide range of angles.
    The unit is light weight too at around 1.2kg.
    Includes carry bag.

    1 x 48W Video Lamp
    1 x Barn door set (attached)
    1 x Neutral diffuser panel
    1 x 3200K diffuser panel
    1 x UK Power Supply

    Was 169.99
    SALE Price: 129.99 (Inc. VAT at 20%)

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