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KQ400 Studio Lamp (400W/s)

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  • KQ400 Studio Lamp (400W/s)

    Digital control panel on the rear of the lamp makes control easy and accurate.
    5600k colour temperature
    5 f-stop GN64
    <1s recycle time at minimum power setting
    around 2s recycle time at full power setting
    Internal cooling fan, overheat cut off circuit and CE marked.
    Strong rubberised aluminium body
    Steel stand connector fitting
    User replaceable flash tubes

    1 x KQ400 Lamp
    1 x KQ400 flash tube (fitted)
    1 x 150W modelling bulb
    1 x Reflector
    1 x UK Power Cabl
    1 x 5m sync lead

    189.99 (Inc. VAT at 20%)

    (Applies to any mix of 'Special Offer' items)

    Price includes 2-3 day standard shipping

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